Kerala Tours & Kerala’s Attractions

Kerala is a picturesque travel destination of India. It is one of the most beautiful states of India. It is globally famous as a picturesque tour and holiday destination for its several attractions, such as beaches, hill stations, backwaters, houseboats, landscape beauty, wildlife, tea gardens, spice plantations, temples, forts, palaces, culture, tradition, etc. The state is well-known for its unique cultural and geographical features.

In Kerala one can see excellent example of ecosystem. Unique culture also deserves the attention of tourists from all over the world. Fairs and festivals of the state are worth witnessing and enjoying. People of the state are generous and friendly and always ready to help tourists. Traditional cuisine of the state is lip-smacking. In fact, everything in Kerala is fascinating and worth enjoying.

One of the prime attractions of Kerala is its exquisite beaches. Beaches here provide wonderful tourism options as well as delightful holiday options. Beaches are dotted with palm coconut trees and other leafy plants that create delightful holiday ambiance. There are several options to do and see on pristine beaches of the state. Water-fun, river cruise, beach volley ball, etc are some of enjoyable activities available on the Kerala beaches which you will surly love to indulge in.

Beaches here in Kerala are dotted with several spa, yoga, and ayurvedic treatment resorts. Ayurveda in this nature blessed state are widely acclaimed. Ayurvedic treatment resorts provide excellent ways to get refreshed and rejuvenated as well as wonderful holiday options. Ayurvedic treatment resorts are considered as prime attractions of Kerala beaches.

Beaches of Kerala are dotted with several hotels and resorts providing world class accommodation. These beach hotels and resorts provide excellent accommodation as well as delightful sightseeing and memorable holiday. Some of widely acclaimed beaches of the state are Kovalam, Varkala, Fort Kochi, Alleppey, Beypore, Kappad, Kovalam, etc. These beaches are known for great scenic beauty and serenity.

Mouth watering cuisine, delicious sea food, generous people, smiling sun, swaying palm coconut trees, and blue azure water, etc all add their charm to the exquisite beaches of the state. Exploring beautiful beaches of the state on tour package in Kerala is truly a delightful experience. One can’t think about complete travel and tourism in Kerala without exploring its exquisite beaches. You too should not forget to explore nature blessed beaches of the state.

Apart from exquisite beaches, verdant hill stations of the state are also very popular among tourists and vacationers from all over the world. The mind relaxing hill stations of the state are also visited by honeymoon couples from all over the world in quite large number. Hill stations of the state are uniquely nature blessed. They are known for lush greenery, landscape beauty and splendid hills. They are also known for tea plantations and varied flora and fauna. The verdant hill stations of the state provide wonderful holiday options with fascinating Kerala tours.

For honeymooners, hill stations of the state provide truly romantic ambiance with delightful serenity. Picturesque hills of the state are perfect destinations for honeymoon in Kerala. Hill stations of the state are dotted with several hotels and hill resorts providing excellent accommodation. Munnar, Wayanad, Idukki, Ponmudi, Devikulam, Echo Point, Wagamon, etc are some of popular hill stations of the state. Munnar is considered as one of the most beautiful and popular hill stations of the state.

Breathtakingly beautiful backwaters of the state are also must visit attractions of Kerala tours. Backwaters in Kerala are exceptionally beautiful blessed with nature and lush greenery. One can explore backwaters by hiring a luxury houseboat. There are so many other attractions in this beautiful state of India waiting your arrival. You too can explore the attractions of the state on Kerala honeymoon tour. There are several Kerala tour packages available in the market that can assist you to explore the major attractions of the state in more and more convenient ways.


Good Or Evil – The Greatest Gift

What is the greatest gift to the human race? You may be wondering; more so, as there are innumerable gifts in the world. I suppose, you are thinking of materialistic gifts. Though they are all gifts, none can be classified as the greatest, because their importance depends on an individual. If the greatest gift to humans is not materialistic, what then is it? You may be asking. Choice is the greatest gift that God our Creator, has given to you, me and to all humanity. It is the gift or potential that Almighty God-the Creator of everything, gracefully and generously given to all of us, irrespective of race, religion, social class, and philosophical or ideological inclination.
We use this endowment innumerable number of times daily, without realising it. In fact, it is ours for keeping from our birth to our death. Very regrettably, instead of using this potential positively, quite often, we misuse it; consequently, we pay the price-sometimes very dearly.

From our birth, God has given us the power to choose. We have the power to choose in all spheres of our daily life. In the morning, we choose either to get up from bed, or to remain lying down; when we are hungry, we choose either to eat, or to stay with hunger-we choose what to eat, when to eat, and even the quantity to be eaten.
We also have the power to choose our vocation, where to work, and quite often, how to do our job. We choose our profession based on our academic background or our training, and that depends entirely on us. We choose where to work, by applying for an employment in a company of our choice. At work, we also choose how we shoulder our entrusted responsibilities.

Our ability to succeed in life is dependent on this great gift, because we either choose to succeed, or to fail. While everybody dreams or aspire to succeed, most of the time, some people unknowingly choose to fail. They choose to fail by doing one or some of the followings:
– Lack of dreams and aspirations.
– Look for excuses for not advancing in life.
– Directly or indirectly hurt somebody or group of people.
– Refuse to realise the importance of being their brothers’ keeper.
– Revolt against an authority-societal or celestial authority.
– Form the habit of procrastinating.
– Ignore the importance of self-discipline.
– Are imprudent.
– Lack of understanding.
– Lack an ability to be communicate effectively.
– Refuse to recognise the necessity to be forgiving.
– Ignore the importance of having an intimate relationship with their Creator, who is the creator and giver of success.

With the just-listed, we are inevitably exposed to undesirable incidences. When they occur, we blame everything, and everybody except ourselves. Many people even blame God for all their misfortunes. They fail to realise that God, whose love for us is immeasurable, can not hurt us. Misfortunes occur to us either because of the direct or indirect misuse of our God-given power-The Power to Choose. Cassius understood that both our success and failure depend on us when he said to Brutus in William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”, “Men at some time are masters of their fates; the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings”. In fact, Cassius understated this fact; men are always the masters of their fates. Here, the key word is always.

How I can be the master of my fate or destiny, you may wonder. The answer is very simple-simpler than you can ever imagine. William James, the great American psychologist and philosopher gave the answer when he said, «Sow an action and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny». In other words, your actions give birth to your habits, your habits bring about your character, and your destiny is the offspring of your character. These unarguably spring from the word ‘Choice’

You may be claiming to have a physical handicap, believing that to be your obstacle to success. That is a false belief, because regardless of your handicap, you can still achieve your aspirations. The disadvantage of your claim is that, the more you cling to it, the more you are condemned to fail.

There is absolutely no obstacle to the achievement of success. The only obstacles are the ones that you impose on yourself. I suppose that you have heard of many physically handicapped people who have chosen to attain greatness. If you have not, think of Stevie Wonder and the late Ray Charles, who are blind, yet they are among the world’s most respected and successful musicians. Colin Dexter, in spite of his deafness, is still an outstanding Writer whose books are bestsellers, and some of them have been turned into wonderful films. The list is limitless. By sticking to your negative claims, you are choosing to fail.

On reading this, I know, you will definitely agree with me that, we make a choice every minute of our lives. Even when you are not making one, you are actually making it. Most unfortunately, many people do not understand the importance of this great gift. The sooner its importance is realised, and the gift used positively, the more meaningful our lives will become. As our lives become more meaningful, we become happier and more successful.

At this point, you may be asking how your gift could be exploited positively to your advantage. Regrettably, I do not have a definite answer for you, because it all depends on the particular situation that surrounds you. As situations differ, so are your possibilities for applying your given power or potential. However, what is very certain is that, whatever your decision, and in whichever situation, a decision that directly or indirectly affects anybody negatively, will certainly, sooner or later, bring about the opposite of your desired outcome. The reverse is also very true. Furthermore, with good decisions or choices, you are certain to have peace of mind, and joy.

It is worth underlining here that, there are some conditions or situations that could tremendously affect your ability to make a good choice. Some of such situations are: when you are under fear; under the influence of any intoxicating element such as alcohol, drugs (both soft and hard); when there is any sign of doubt; because of emotion, or sentiment, to mention but a few.

Quite often, certain conditions impede one from taking a good decision. In such a case, what should one do, you may ask? Your question is quite legitimate, for I know that it could make you to be confused, desperate, and not knowing exactly what to do. The only advice that I can give is to pray and ask God for wisdom, and guidance. Pray to Him, and believe that He will answer your prayers, and He will definitely do so, for He is a very loving and merciful, and generous Father. He grants all requests presented to him in faith; more so, when we have an intimate relationship with Him.

Sometimes, people tend to think that prayers have to be done only by kneeling down, or in the church. This is not true. While there is nothing wrong in doing those, in fact, they are even very important as they illustrate humility and dedication to God; a prayer could be offered by merely talking to him while walking or driving, taking bath, or even while at work. After all, prayer, in its simplest term, means communicating with God.

Additionally, it is worth pointing out that, all our heart’s desires are our prayers. Hence, we can present our request to God anywhere, and at anytime-God is omnipresent and he is always listening to us.

As it is often said, “You can take a Camel to the stream, but you can not force her to drink from it”, that also applies here. For even if this is written as long as an encyclopaedia, I can never force you to take the content of this piece seriously; thereby, applying it in your daily life, so that your life would be more meaningful; consequently, realising your dreams and aspirations. It is very important to remember that, irrespective of what you are thinking now, by refusing to heed to the advice given here, you are actually using your greatest gift-the Power to Choose.


Why Prague Has Turned Into the Perfect Holiday Destination

Holiday accommodation in Prague is currently at a very high standard, for a very reasonable price. There is also a lot to choose from, so there’s sure to be something to fit everyone’s bill.

Prague is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. The Capital of the Czech Republic is regarded as an architectural niche and a flurry of new hotels are now springing up across the city to cope with this large influx of tourists.

The Czechs are very large meat eaters and unlike other European countries like their meat is served up with plenty of fat with thick rich tasty sauces. It is also not uncommon to receive pastry based side dishes and obviously the Czechs love their deserts. Traditionally the meal is accompanied by large volumes of the local Czech beer, wine may also be present.

It is no wonder that one in three Czechs are obese when you see the rather large Czech diet. The variety of food available includes traditional Czech soups which are well known for their richness and generous portions.

A favourite Czech soup is beef broth with liver dumplings or egg yolk and vermicelli. Typically thick soups are served as every day dishes and goulash soup is a particular specialty. Other popular soups are made from beans, peas and lentils.

Between March and November is the most definitely the most popular time for tourists and accommodation during this time can be tight. There are now many holiday homes and apartments available to rent direct from their owners which help provide a more personal choice of accommodation.

Another favourite is cabbage soup with thick slices of home made sausage. Eating soup is a good way of warming yourself up during Prague’s cold winters. During the summer months’ visitors are offered ham and horseradish rolls or toast with minced meat and peppers.

A favourite main course is pork and duck served with generous helpings of cabbage and dumplings. The pork is served with lots of fat and is said to taste quite different to pork served elsewhere around the world. Beef is also a popular dish and is often served roasted in a creamy sauce with dumplings. Some restaurants serve this with cranberries.

To finish off the meal fruit dumplings are often served. These can be stuffed with strawberries, cherries or plums and are dished up warm. If you do not fancy the dumplings most restaurants also offer home made pancakes with a variety of fillings.

The national drink is lager. It is served in a large chilled glasses and some of the bars serving it have existed since the Middle Ages. For those wine lovers, there is a large selection of Bohemian and Moravian wines available. The Czechs are keener on white wines and mostly young wines.

Most visitors who sample the traditional food at one of Prague’s many restaurants agree that it is an experience that they enjoy and will come back for. The variation in price and choice ensures that there are restaurants to cater for almost all tastes and price ranges.

There are daily flights to Prague from all over the world and most European and American airlines have landing slots there. Prague’s international airport is at Ruzyne and is only about 12 miles away from the city centre and regular buses transfer visitors from the airport to the city centre. It is no wonder that Prague is growing into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

So I hope you agree, a holiday to Prague is a must, just to sample to cities rich foods and lagers. Obviously you also need to make sure that your holiday accommodation is right also, because in such a historic city everything might be a little outdated.


My Thoughts on Tips For Waiters

When did tips for waiters become mandatory instead of a token of our appreciation for their great service? That seems to be a concept out there that is alive and well in society. A few weeks ago I was in another state with a group of friends. We had a long day and were starving. We found what we thought was going to be a terrific place to eat dinner. Well, the food was amazing but the service left something to be desired to say the least.

Do you know the waiter actually followed us outside to ask if we forgot to leave his tip? That is something I had never seen before. Now, I will tell you that I do leave a tip most the time if I feel the waiter is trying. But this guy was clearly not involved in what he was doing at all. My friend had a glass of iced tea that was cracked all the way to the bottom of it. How it didn’t break I don’t know. When I pointed it out to him he took it and didn’t say a word.

He didn’t come back around for about 15 minutes and it wasn’t busy in there at all. We had to remind him to bring her another drink to enjoy with her meal. We also didn’t have silverware,
The side items we ordered, and I was getting frustrated. We couldn’t even find him most of the time to ask for what we needed. I don’t think we were expecting any more than the basics for our meal either.

Tips for waiters are very important to them and I certainly do understand that. They have to make a living and most of the time they aren’t even being paid minimum wage. They may have children to support, car payments to make, and working as they move forward with their education. Therefore tips for waiters need to be generous when they service is decent or excellent.

I guess part of my concern is that the quality isn’t there like it should be. Do some waiters think they don’t need to work for their tips anymore? Perhaps it is a lack of training at the restaurant they work in. So they develop their own routine and their own ways of taking care of customers. They don’t realize that they aren’t representing the business in the most favorable light though.

If tips for waiters are so vital to their survival then they need to make some effort in my mind. I guess part of my issue is that I have walked in their shoes in a variety of different restaurant atmospheres. I do realize the work can be fast paced and hurried. I do realize that meeting the various demands of everyone can be trying. However, I also realize that good service comes with a smile, a genuine desire to serve the customers, and being attentive to what they need in order to enjoy their meal. Tips for waiters that do so will be very generous regardless of the type of restaurant they work in.